Thursday, May 26, 2016

Parents do the most important 'HOME - work' of all;

Education starts at birth and ends at our death; we are always on a journey of discovery and learning. Formal schooling is an important part of this journey but is only one rather small part of the big picture. Parents have a pivotal role to play in educating their children! For this week's blog I pose a question to parents and invite reply...

"In what ways to parents provide the most valuable 'home' - work for a child?"

Speaking as a parent now, I know that my children learn much about life through the example that my wife and I set for them. These values and 'ways' we have caught from our own families of origin as well as from those we have met along the journey of our lives. 
There are many old and wise sayings which we hear ourselves saying such as 'it isn't what you say but how you say it that counts' ' Two wrongs don't make a right', 'treat others as you would like to be treated yourself' etc.
Which wise sayings do you hear yourself saying in your family?

Friday, May 13, 2016

Why the Industrial Model of Schooling is No Longer Relevant

"The impetus to change. School's have to update their thinking and become adaptive and flexible in their learning and student centredness."

Our staff continues the journey of learning and this past week, we gathered to look at why the current system of schooling is broken and what we need to consider to fix it. This is by no means saying that everything we have done or are doing is wrong or bad, but instead we need to ask ourselves 'is it preparing our students for the real world both now and in the future?' and not basing it on our experiences at school. Things need to change to be relevant and meaningful.

This clip describes the reality of the world and what our students need. It challenges us to see beyond our own experiences to look to the future of schooling.

 Learning to Change - Changing to Learn

At St Joseph's we have been exploring what learning is and what it needs to become. We have interviewed students about what they think learning is and conducted surveys with teachers about their engagement as passionate and inspired educators. We have also begun to look more closely at data and mapping learning growth of students. In essence, we are taking deliberate and carefully considered steps to better meet the needs of modern learners.