Saturday, June 11, 2016

Viewing Learning with a Growth Mindset

Learning is a journey which all human beings are on from birth to death. All human beings have developed at their own rates and in different ways. Remaining engaged and motivated to learn and to keep learning is the key. How does modern schooling cater for this? How do we provide the necessary learning environments to support this?

Professor Carol Dweck proposes that we need to develop growth mindsets to achieve this. This requires “Rewarding the ‘yet’ and not the ‘now’…” She proposes

·       praising the learners engagement in the process,

·       providing feedback on effort

·       focusing on strategies and ways of learning,

 She says that this will create perseverance, endurance, and result in short and long term progress.  She also claims that this results in hardy and resilient people. She supports the notion of rewarding Yet instead of Now (the end result)

Professor Dweck has cited research which shows that this develops confidence and a path into the future for children. She cites neuroscience research showing that when we are out of comfort zones, neurons are formed and new and stronger connections are developed, resulting in greater intelligence.

When a Growth mindset is employed in a learning environment, equality happens. When effort in learning is required and difficulties overcome, neurons are developed making newer and stronger connections.         

For this full TED talk, visit The Power of Believing You Can Improve at this link:  Prof Carol Dweck - Growth Mindset

When you receive your child’s report card, I encourage parents to view this through the lens of a growth mindset… rewarding the ‘yet’.

I encourage parents to think of the last time they learned something and didn't quite get it the first time. Did you give up? Did you try it again or in a different way? Was your thinking "I haven't got it YET?"