Saturday, July 16, 2016

Future Proofing our Student Learners

I am the father of three children and my wife and I often wonder what each of them are going to do in the future for their work. Each of them are quite different in their interests, talents and personalities as well as academic performance. How will we guide them to discover the best path to take in order for them to be living purposeful lives, being self sufficient and making a difference to the world?
I grew up in a small rural community. At this time, the workforce looked quite different to what it does today and there were only 3 options presented to the majority of young people there - to work on the family farm (if you were male), to get a trade or go to university. In each of these cases, the likelihood of work was much higher than it is today. It was not uncommon for young people to drop out of school after receiving their 'Junior Certificate' to take up work, mainly unskilled labour which didn't require formal qualifications. University graduates back then had quite high chances of being employed in a chosen profession or career. This is not the case now!
As this episode of Four Corners will show, the automation of much of the workforce means that there will be even less jobs for blue collar workers (as has been the case for some time) and with the advances in technology, less jobs for white collar workers. On the flip side, they also point out that despite automation and technology, there have never before been as many jobs in Australia , but the types of jobs have changed and even more importantly, so have the required skill set of workers.

This has direct impact on schooling; on what schools teach, how they teach it and in what types of environments.

Four Corners 'Future Proof' 

I invite you to view the episode of Four Corners and comment.

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